Welcome to the Teach-With-Stories™ (TWS) Learning Community!

“It used to be that I couldn’t sleep from thinking about problems; now it’s the solutions that keep me up.”

TWS Promotora Advisor

As part of our broader vision to create a more just and compassionate world, we have developed the TWS Method™, an empowerment-based model for using stories to transform how we teach and promote health. While we deepen our dialog and build skills, we are also able to strengthen the sense of connection with ourselves and each other.

We have created this space to share some of our learning and reflections using the TWS Method™ for prenatal education with Latinas and lay health educators (or promotoras) as facilitators. The De Madre A Madre series of photonovels on prenatal care is the central  “curriculum” for the approach.

Our work to date has shown inspiring successes on a small scale, starting with the leadership that our promotoras advisors demonstrated during the first phase of our pilot. They have made this initiative their own. We hope to find ways to support others to do the same.

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